Let’s engage constructively to take control of our collective destiny.

Do you feel from time to time that Quebec gets carried away by nostalgia? I am far from being a sociologist, but after all, our radios seem to vibrate to the sound of nostalgic folk music. Our newspapers have been regularly reporting the relative decline of Montreal since the 1976 Olympic. What about the official motto of the province “Je me souviens” (I remember)?

The context is not easy, but I prefer to see the situation from a different angle. Our destiny is in our hands. If we take charge, Quebec offers countless possibilities – we are far from having reached our full potential.

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S’engager constructivement pour prendre en main notre destin collectif.  

Est-ce qu’il vous arrive à l’occasion d’avoir l’impression que le Québec se laisse emporter par la nostalgie? Je suis loin d’être un sociologue, mais après tout, nos radios vibrent au son des Cowboys Fringants, Mes Aïeux, etc. Nos journaux font régulièrement état du déclin relatif de Montréal depuis les Jeux Olympiques de 1976. Que dire du motto officiel de la province « Je me souviens » ?!

Le contexte n’est pas facile, mais je préfère voir la situation actuelle sous un angle différent. Si l’on se prend en main, le Québec renferme d’innombrables opportunités – nous sommes loin d’avoir atteint notre plein potentiel.

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Israel Beyond the Headlines

I recently had the opportunity to visit Israel for a business trip. I discovered a modern, vibrant country and met some of the most innovative and welcoming people. While instability in the Middle East gets the bulk of the media’s attention in North America, this trip opened my eyes to the amazing things happening in the region.

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Israël au-delà des manchettes

J’ai récemment eu l’occasion de visiter Israël lors d’un voyage d’affaires. J’ai découvert  un pays moderne et dynamique et j’ai rencontré un peuple des plus innovants et accueillants. Si l’instabilité au Moyen-Orient retient l’essentiel de l’attention des médias en Amérique du Nord, ce voyage m’a ouvert les yeux sur les choses incroyables qui se déroulent dans la région. Continue reading

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The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading

Ludovic Dumas:

For those that may not have the time to pick up Michael Lewis’ new book entitled “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” here is a fairly good high level introduction to high frequency trading by Mark Cuban. I also suggest reading Michael Lewis’ article in the NY Times entitled “The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street” http://nyti.ms/1iRYw3Y. It is a major issue that regulators have to tackle to restore confidence in the financial markets.

Originally posted on blog maverick:

First, let me say what you read here is going to be wrong in several ways.  HFT covers such a wide path of trading that different parties participate or are impacted in different ways. I wanted to put this out there as a starting point . Hopefully the comments will help further educate us all

1.  Electronic trading is part of HFT, but not all electronic trading is high frequency trading.

Trading equities and other financial instruments has been around for a long time.  it is Electronic Trading that has lead to far smaller spreads and lower actual trading costs from your broker.  Very often HFT companies take credit for reducing spreads. They did not. Electronic trading did.

We all trade electronically now. It’s no big deal

2. Speed is not a problem

People like to look at the speed of trading as the problem. It is not. We have…

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Why I Participate in Casino Against Cancer 2013

As a member of the Young Ambassadors Circle of the Montreal Cancer Institute, I am organizing for the second year in a row the fundraiser Casino Against Cancer.

We had a great turnout for our first edition and received very positive feedback from the 400+ attendees. I am very excited about this year’s event. We are working hard to amaze people on September 20th at the Le Windsor Ballrooms in Montreal.

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Pourquoi je participe au Casino contre le cancer 2013

En tant que membre du Cercle des Jeunes Ambassadeurs de l’Institut du cancer de Montréal, j’organise pour la seconde année consécutive la soirée-bénéfice Casino contre le cancer.

Nous avons eu un très grand taux participation lors de notre première édition et on a reçu des commentaires très positifs des 400 + participants. Je suis très excité à propos de l’événement de cette année. Nous travaillons fort pour émerveiller les gens le 20 Septembre à la salle de bal Le Windsor à Montréal.

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