Top 20 Trends in 2011 by Trend Hunter

I came across the site for the first time today and it already ranks among my favorites.

Trend Hunter claims to be the world’s largest, most popular trend community. I highly suggest it as a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious.

The man behind the site is Jeremy Gutsche. He is an innovation expert, the award-winning author of Exploiting Chaos, host of Trend Hunter TV, “one of North America’s most requested keynote speakers”, a judge on BNN’s tv show ,’The Pitch’, and the founder of, the world’s largest, most popular collection of cutting edge trends, attracting more than 584,000,000 total views.

Jeremy’s presentation style is rather unique and refreshing. A mix between stand-up comedian and management guru. His keynotes mainly focus on strategy, innovation, and creativity. Watch the following keynote on “Exploiting Chaos”.

I particularly enjoyed Trend Hunter’s forecast of the Top 20 Trends in 2011. Have you already caught onto Projected PublicityWearable Tech Real-Timing, Democratic Selling, Geriatric Couture, Tweetonomics, and Discrete Consumerism among other emerging trends? I am curious to hear what you think about Trend Hunter’s forecast.

About Ludovic Dumas

Ludovic transforms innovative companies into world-class organizations. He is an investment professional at an investment firm representing the interests of one of the most successful families in Canadian business. Before joining the private equity world, Ludovic was an investment banker at CIBC and with ING Group’s investment banking team in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Dumas was also a management consultant with Deloitte where he worked on corporate strategy, restructuring, market analysis, due diligence, and economic development mandates. Specialties Mergers & acquisitions, capital raise, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship.
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