5-Bullet Friday: Decision-Making

  1. Eight steps to making better decisions as a manager.
  2. Mens sana in corpore sano. How neuroscientists explain the mind-clearing magic of running.
  3. Humans are underrated. The critical 21st-century skill will surprise you.
  4. Donald Trump will win according to the author of ‘Dilbert’. Trump knows psychology and appeals to human irrationality. While it looks like his campaign will fall short, he has gone far by running on emotion. Hope voters will see through his game and look at the facts…
  5. Letter to My Younger Self by Doug Gilmour. He was one of a kind! Few could match his intensity and passion. I can’t wait for the start of the hockey season.


About Ludovic Dumas

Ludovic transforms innovative companies into world-class organizations. He is an investment professional at an investment firm representing the interests of one of the most successful families in Canadian business. Before joining the private equity world, Ludovic was an investment banker at CIBC and with ING Group’s investment banking team in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Dumas was also a management consultant with Deloitte where he worked on corporate strategy, restructuring, market analysis, due diligence, and economic development mandates. Specialties Mergers & acquisitions, capital raise, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship.
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