The views and opinions with this Blog represent solely my own and not those of individuals or organizations that I am affiliated with. My Blog is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views, position or attitudes of my clients, any employer(s), their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.

My views of 7 years or 7 minutes minutes ago do not necessarily reflect my current views. My thoughts will evolve as I learn more and develop my understanding of the subjects that I am writing about. I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. I reserve the right to allow my viewpoints to evolve over time without assigning any reason.

ALL original content on this blog is Copyright Ludovic Dumas. All rights are reserved. Linked and quoted content is Copyright of the respective Owner(s).  I have no control over, nor am I responsible for, the content of any other sites, or any other products or services that may be offered through other sites that my Blog links to.  The use of any Trademark or Copyrighted material is not intended to infringe Copyright. If you see anything on this Blog that has not been properly attributed to its creator please advise me and I will immediately rectify that.

I reserve the right to recommend products / services on my blog that I feel are useful to my readers. I only recommend what I believe in,  I don’t get paid for posts on my blog. If a documented copyright owner so requests, their material will be removed from published display.

You may quote excerpt content from my Blog as long as (1) you contact me to ask for my permission and (2) you link back to and credit me. After obtaining my permission, you may reprint articles from my blog as long as you follow this simple republishing procedure: You must include attribution to Ludovic Dumas, and the following copy in no smaller than 10 point font:

“This article appears courtesy of Ludovic Dumas. For a complimentary subscription to his personal blog, visit http://www.ludovicdumas.com”

Where my articles are published elsewhere and you wish to reprint them, please follow any instructions for reprint rights. All articles must be reprinted as is.

Disclaimer inspired by  Nicky Jameson, online and social media copywriter and marketer. Thank you.


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