Pourquoi chaque startup devrait envisager créer un conseil consultatif

Je crois fermement qu’un conseil consultatif solide et efficace peut jouer un rôle important dans la réussite de toute entreprise en démarrage.

Les organisations établies bénéficient presque toujours d’avoir un conseil de bonne réputation. Quel que soit le stade dans lequel l’entreprise se situe dans son développement, toutes les organisations, même celles en émergence, devraient mettre en place un conseil consultatif.

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C2-MTL: A unique opportunity offered to a select group of emerging companies from Quebec

I wrote this fall that Montreal will host one of the most anticipated international conferences of the year on creativity in business. Since then, the event has continued to increase in scale.

The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation announced today that they will be giving 25 emerging entrepreneurs a chance to be part of the C2-MTL international business conference from May 22 to 25, 2012. The most dynamic and creative Québec entrepreneurs will be selected through a competition.

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C2-MTL : Une opportunité unique offerte à un groupe select d’entreprises émergentes du Québec

J’écrivais cet automne que Montréal accueillera une des conférences internationales les plus attendues de l’année portant sur la créativité dans le monde des affaires. Depuis, l’événement ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur.

La Fondation de la famille Claudine et Stephen Bronfman a annoncé aujourd’hui que dans le cadre d’un concours visant à récompenser le dynamisme et la créativité de la jeune entreprise québécoise, elle offrira la chance à 25 entrepreneurs émergents de participer, du 22 au 25 mai 2012, à l’événement C2-MTL.

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Order and Progress on the Rise in Brazil

I have recently visited Brazil and I agree with emerging market investing legend Mark Mobius: the evolution of the country is very impressive and future opportunities remain appealing.

Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

My worldwide pursuit of good investing bargains takes me to some magnificent countries. In my view, Brazil is certainly among the most beautiful and economically vibrant in the western hemisphere. Its Portuguese-speaking multiracial population of almost 200 million1 represents a growing and upwardly mobile consumer market.

Brazil is the fifth most populated country in the world and is chock-full of natural resources and rich farmland. Appropriately, the country’s name comes from the wood that grows along the coast, which was greatly valued by the European textile industry as a source of deep red dye as early as the 16th century. The nation is also home to the world’s largest, most biologically diverse tropical rainforest. In addition to being home to the Amazon River, the country’s Iguazu River leads to the spectacular Iguazu Falls and the Itaipu Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant by energy production.

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Sustainability: Where Consumers’ Minds are Shifting Towards

I recently attended Deloitte’s 2012 Technology Media Telecom predictions. Making global predictions is an awfully difficult exercise to undertake and very few organisations have much success consistently. I enjoy attending this annual event because Deloitte’s track record is remarkably quite accurate and Duncan Stewart, the Director of Deloitte Canada Research, is a great communicator. Continue reading

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The Future of Medicine & Healthcare: Promising and Very Exciting

In terms of innovation, the communications and media industries have been leaders over the last 10-15 years. Few innovations rival the Internet in terms of impact on everyday life. The Internet spurred a new economic revolution and disrupted many industries along the way. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype became ubiquitous almost overnight. Benefiting from strong growth and low capital intensity, the Internet has been the darling of venture capitalists. Billions are currently invested in an attempt to find the next social media blockbuster.

While the last decade can arguably be labeled that of Communications and Media, the next one might be that of Medicine and Healthcare. The rapid convergence of numerous advances in computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and neurotechnology will quite possibly transform humanity in the near future and improve significantly our quality of life.

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Gastronomie de classe mondiale à saveur Hipster: Montréal dans une ligue à part

Vous voulez savoir pourquoi un chef américain de renom et une grande personnalité de la télévision affirme que «Le Canada serait sans espoir sans Montréal»? Regardez ce clip pour voir pourquoi il n’y a pas un autre endroit comme Montréal dans le monde et découvrir la sauce secrète de la ville.

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World-Class Gastronomy with Hipster Flavor: Montreal in a League of its Own

Want to know why an extremely renowned American chef and TV personality says “Canada would be hopeless without Montreal”? Watch this clip to see why there is no other place like Montreal in the world and to uncover the city’s secret sauce.

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Steve Jobs’ Legacy

Steve, here’s to you. The Crazy One. The Creative, Passionate, Driven Genius.

The worldwide reaction to the passing of Steve Jobs has been unbelievably strong, to say the least. Former employees, celebrities, and even competitors paid tribute. Sure, in the western world, very few individuals have not been impacted by the technologies invented by the companies he created. Apple notably introduced the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Pixar Animation Studios, a computer animation film studio acquired by Steve Jobs in 1986, produced 12 feature films, beginning with Toy Story in 1995, earned 26 Academy Awards, and made over $6 billion worldwide.

Above and beyond Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial success, what are truly touching people are the personal characteristics of the man. Steve Jobs stands out for his Creativity, Passion, and Drive – universally acclaimed qualities. The combination of these qualities made him such an appreciated genius.

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Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt Keynote at Dreamforce 2011

Last Thursday afternoon Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, took the stage at Dreamforce 2011. I really looked forward to hearing him speak for he first time and I was not disappointed at all. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of Eric Schmidt’s hour-long keynote and it went by in a flash. He is an incredibly brilliant and well spoken individual. Eric Schmidt and Marc Benioff discussed the future of cloud computing and shared priceless insight on topics ranging from job creation in American manufacturing, politics, entrepreneurship, and management. To learn more about Eric Schmidt’s views on the aforementioned topics and what the next Facebook might look like, listen to the full keynote below.

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