The Rise of the Social Enterprise at Dreamforce

“After an Arab spring in the Middle East, we will see customers rise up and demand that organizations listen. In not so long from now we’ll start to hear about a corporate spring. We’ve seen Mubarak fall. We’ve seen Kadhafi fall. When will the first CEO fall for the same reason?” 

“By creating social customer profiles, employee social networks, customer social networks and product social networks, companies can delight their customers in entirely new ways.”

“Our social enterprise vision fundamentally changes how companies collaborate, share and manage information,” ~ Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,  

San Francisco, the enterprise cloud computing company, unveiled at Dreamforce 2011– the largest cloud computing event in the world – how it will reinvent itself in front of a crowd of 45,000 enthusiastic attendees. CEO Marc Benioff said: “Salesforce was born cloud and have now been born social. We want to delight our customers with something new.”

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My First Post: It’s a New Beginning! [en français plus bas]

Hello World,

Welcome to my personal blog. Since this is my inaugural post, I will dedicate it to explaining why I’m starting this site and what it will be about.

The Triggering Event?

After nearly 5 years in investment banking at CIBC and 2 years in corporate strategy consulting at Deloitte, I’ve decided to leave Montreal to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA).  I’m enthusiastic about embarking on a new adventure that will take me outside my comfort zone. I expect being surrounded by bright young professionals from around the world will be challenging and that it will bring me closer to my long-term objective.

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