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Riding the Next Waves in Food & Beverage: 7 Defining Trends for the Industry

I have been targeting with my colleagues the healthier segments of the food and beverage industry that are aligned with positive demand trends and that will impact the industry medium to long term. As part of our industry analysis, we … Continue reading

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Building a Next Generation Tech-Savvy and Data Empowered Private Investment Firm

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon. #DataDrivenInvesting #PE #VC #PrivateEquity #FamilyOffice #Investing #Fintech I explained in my last post “The Next Edge in Private Equity” why I believe that tech-savvy, data-driven investors can gain an advantage. I have been working … Continue reading

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A New Wave of Innovation in Investment Management

“Unfortunately, there seems to be far more opportunity out there than ability…. We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” ― Thomas A. Edison The world of investment management has always evolved rapidly. However, upcoming shifts … Continue reading

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Wow les moteurs! Québec, une société distincte, même sur le plan des transports.

Malgré que l’industrie du taxi ne mérite aucun capital de sympathie en raison de son service chroniquement déficient, son lobby a gagné la bataille en diabolisant Uber. La bataille épique entre Québec et Uber est un exemple classique de bénéfices … Continue reading

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Belle initiative pour faire place à la relève, qui n’a rien de fantôme!

Sebastien Bazin, PDG du groupe hôtelier AccorHotels, met en place un comité exécutif fantôme composé de 12 jeunes cadres de l’entreprise à qui toutes les décisions du comité exécutif quinquagénaire seront soumises.

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Changing Times. Bringing Out our Animal Spirit. Fighting. Rolling up our Sleeves. Creating Value.

5-Bullet Friday: Here are some observations on events / news catching my attention. Fight Club. Still relevant 20 years later. Silicon Valley is broken and heading for social unrest. The digital transformation of industries. Chasing “cockroaches”. How private equity generates exceptional … Continue reading

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5-Bullet Friday – March 4th

Here are some of the news that have caught my attention recently: Negative interest rate: Why people are paying to save? The robots are coming for Wall Street. Our ingenuity will revive growth in global productivity – eventually. Veterans deserve our help … Continue reading

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