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Fierce Global Food Fight Over What’s on Your Plate

Capital is flowing to thousands of innovative upstarts and mid-market companies who are driving the growth of the food industry and taking an ever increasing bite out the dominant market share of Big Food’s legacy brands.

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A New Wave of Innovation in Investment Management

“Unfortunately, there seems to be far more opportunity out there than ability…. We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” ― Thomas A. Edison The world of investment management has always evolved rapidly. However, upcoming shifts … Continue reading

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5-Bullet Friday: Venture Capital Investing & Corporate Governance

Summer is (almost) over. Hope you enjoyed it. Here are some interesting articles catching my attention. How Yale invested in VC to generate 93% IRR over the past 20 years. Public markets are broken. Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance – Warren Buffet and … Continue reading

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Changing Times. Bringing Out our Animal Spirit. Fighting. Rolling up our Sleeves. Creating Value.

5-Bullet Friday: Here are some observations on events / news catching my attention. Fight Club. Still relevant 20 years later. Silicon Valley is broken and heading for social unrest. The digital transformation of industries. Chasing “cockroaches”. How private equity generates exceptional … Continue reading

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Pourquoi je participe au Casino contre le cancer 2013

En tant que membre du Cercle des Jeunes Ambassadeurs de l’Institut du cancer de Montréal, j’organise pour la seconde année consécutive la soirée-bénéfice Casino contre le cancer. Nous avons eu un très grand taux participation lors de notre première édition … Continue reading

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2013 C2-MTL Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 25 winners of the 2013 C2-MTL Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest. The conference will be an amazing networking and learning opportunity for these companies. The number and quality of the applicants were impressive (again) this year, which did not make … Continue reading

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Gagnants du Concours Entrepreneurs Émergents C2-MTL 2013

Félicitations aux 25 gagnants. La conférence sera une opportunité de réseautage et d’apprentissage incroyable pour ces entreprises. Encore une fois cette année, le nombre et la qualité des candidatures étaient impressionnants, ce qui n’a pas facilité la tâche de sélectionner … Continue reading

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C2-MTL Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest: What To Look Forward To

For the second year in a row, we received many outstanding applications for the C2-MTL Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest. Here is a great video from Alain Wong and his team that will give entrepreneurs a glimpse of the unique experience this program … Continue reading

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The C2-MTL Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest is back: A unique opportunity in Quebec

Following the success of the first edition of C2-MTL and the incredible level of enthusiasm generated by the initiative, the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation decided to repeat the experience and offer to another cohort of 25 emerging entrepreneurs the … Continue reading

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Le Concours Entrepreneurs Émergents C2-MTL est de retour: Une opportunité unique au Québec

Suite au succès de la première édition de C2-MTL et au niveau incroyable d’enthousiasme généré par l’initiative, la Fondation de la famille Claudine et Stephen Bronfman a décidé de répéter l’expérience et d’offrir à une autre cohorte 25 entrepreneurs émergents de … Continue reading

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